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Looking at the domestic appliance industry, as major home appliances

TV , Refrigerator, Washing machine , Air conditioning Basically integration have largely been

Brand The concentration increased steadily, the industry gradually increase the threshold, the market

Competition Become relatively rational. Contrast, small appliance industry, product categories and more the complex, uneven quality, business greatly in size, industry competition confusion, but many products are rising industry, the industry profit margin is relatively abundant, it has attracted many major household electrical appliance enterprises and private small businesses competing to enter, all tried to snatch a tempting piece of cake. But this cake is so easy to chew it? Who will rewrite the pattern of small household appliances market turmoil it?

Small brand-name will be eliminated The current market structure, big brands and professional brand accounted for most of the 12 markets,

Countryside Market, much of it is by these small-name brands and occupied. One reason is that, first of all is the level of consumption and consumption vary; second purchase of small appliances are highly random product; The third is the industry's lack of supervision, some no-name through the "sugar daddy" in the way consumers confused . Therefore, Shunde, Zhongshan, in Ningbo Cixi, everywhere scattered in the street the street of small home appliances private workshop, a few machines, dozens of workers can produce a variety of small household electrical appliances, because all

Spare Parts Can easily get a place in the radius of tens of miles, a small workshop just need one or two assembly lines, there is no testing equipment, or even what brand you want can be posted. And the quality supervision department of the sampling report shows that the quality of products of small household appliances, the compliance rate is very low, and often endanger the safety of consumers some of the quality of the exposure, it is indeed sad and thinking people. Therefore, as people mature concept of consumption, there is no quality assurance of no-name brand will inevitably be a small market out.

Worrying situation of the professional brand

View from the current market structure, in addition to large home appliances brand leader in the status of the United States temporarily to none, the professional brand tends to dominate the mainstream in their respective markets, such as

Cooker Fuji Po, Sunpentown, Amy particular,

Rice cooker Triangle, SUPOR, Drinking The Angel, Qin Yuan and so on. Because these professional brands involved earlier in the R & D and market development has certain advantages, they are still able to occupy certain market share. However, as market competition intensifies, more and more professional brand a bad day too, as long Sunpentown Cooker from the former location of a sharp decline in the first, Angel has already thrown away the old throne of the drinking fountains. Especially with the consumer brand awareness, increase end-channel threshold, the more professional brand single product line may be allowed to bear the burden of too many resources, coupled with shrinking profit margins the industry is difficult to support business operation, and therefore it can only be contracted front, the consolidation method of key areas, there may be some living space. But inevitably, business

Sell Size and market share will subsequently decline, so the future and the situation is quite worrying.

Big brand integration will come As small household appliances market is now such a chaotic situation, then according to

Market economy The development pattern of large household appliances have traversed the road of integration, the future pattern of small household electrical appliances market to focus on is an inevitable trend. But who will rewrite the pattern of trade then? From the development of large appliances that meet the conditions of the enterprise must be influential brand, with large-scale production manufacturing capacity, owns strong design and development capabilities, with stable product quality assurance, possession of a large enough distribution channel and terminal network, it must be a comprehensive strength of the overall leading brands, only with the brand of these conditions, be possible to rewrite the future pattern of small household appliance market.

In fact, as the microwave industries,

Glanz Qi Cheng once occupied the domestic market share, but accompanied by increased competition, the top five brands of concentration while further increase market share, but Glanz has never reached the summit of the domineering, because

Monopoly To a certain level must be diseconomies of scale, I also have a rising star in the United States and the way second place in the immediate concern. At present, induction cooker, rice cooker, water dispenser and other small household electrical appliances in the market situation resembling microwave oven industry, then, beauty is indeed a unique standing above the crowd show appears, while the second tier of brands with greater gap, and at the equal level between. Who will challenge the industry's old pattern of it? Glanz and


Posture in two distinct markets that the future of small household appliances industry, the right to speak.
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Who Will Rewrite The Pattern Of Small Household Appliance Market Chaos? - Small Appliances, The

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Who Will Rewrite The Pattern Of Small Household Appliance Market Chaos? - Small Appliances, The

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